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Promate Persona-TR 20 Ltr Overnight Trolley Bag with Laptop Compartment, Shoulder Strap & Wheels | Unisex 2-in-1 Water Resistant Durable Travel Cabin Bag for 16” Laptop | Soft-Sided Trolley (Black)

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Promate Persona-TR 20 Ltr Overnight Trolley Bag 


-Spacious and Practical Design for Laptops: Persona-TR, designed as a laptop overnighter trolley bag, seamlessly doubles as a cabin bag. With a 20-liter capacity, it accommodates full-size laptops up to 16", making it a versatile companion for business trips. Multiple compartments facilitate organized storage for books and binders, ensuring users can effortlessly roll their essentials to their destination.
-Durability and Functionality: Crafted from high-quality materials, Persona-TR prioritizes durability. Its robust base and wheels enhance functionality, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for mobile office needs.
-Weather-Resistant Inner Lining: Persona-TR features a superior water-resistant inner lining, shielding contents from unpredictable weather conditions, a crucial feature for users navigating through rain or spills.
-Protection for Your Laptop: Fully padded compartments offer optimal protection, safeguarding laptops from potential bumps or scratches during daily use.
Everyday Convenience and Style: Persona-TR seamlessly combines practicality with style, serving as both a cabin bag and a stylish solution for professionals and students, enhancing daily experiences and overall aesthetic.

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