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Muvtech Rapid Power USB-C TO USB-C

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Product details

Muvtech Rapid Power USB-C TO USB-C

Brand                           Muvtech
Connector Type           USB Type C, Lightning
Cable Type                  Lightning
Compatible Devices    Scanner, Laptop, Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone
Special Feature           Fast Charging

About this item

  • Fast Charging (100W PD): The cable supports Power Delivery (PD) with a 100W rating, allowing for rapid charging of compatible devices. This is particularly useful for devices that support higher charging speeds, such as certain iPhones and other gadgets.
  • Compatibility with iPhone and Other Devices: The cable is designed to be compatible with iPhones and other devices that use Type-C connectors. This broad compatibility makes it versatile for various gadgets and brands.
  • Efficiency and Rapid Charging: The mention of "Efficient" and "Rapid charging" suggests that the cable is designed to deliver power to devices quickly and effectively, reducing charging times.
  • Convenience and Durability: These features emphasize the cable's practicality and long-lasting build. Convenience could refer to user-friendly design, and durability suggests that the cable is built to withstand regular use and potential wear and tear.
  • Liquid Silicone Cable: The use of liquid silicone in the cable indicates a particular material choice. Liquid silicone is known for its flexibility, heat resistance, and durability. It's often chosen for cables to enhance their performance and longevity.


  • Not Covered in Warranty :- Damage Product Not Covered in Warranty.
  • Warranty :- 6 Moths Warranty.

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